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We partner with our clients to build and sustain more engaged, positive and energized teams.

We believe that effective teams are at the heart of every organization. It’s because each person is connected and needs to rely on each other to achieve their goals. When teams are working at their best, each team member radiates out to all those they interact with– ultimately creating a continuous positive impact.
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Synchronous teamwork is not something you simply manifest by bringing people together. Just by telling people they are part of a team doesn’t make them a team. It takes effective leadership, clear communication, mutual respect, leveraging strengths and collaboration that needs to be fostered over time.

Positive energized teams create a high performing workplace.


“I just LOVE this course!!! The understanding of your energy impact on your relationships and your strengths is one that has been a “game-changer” for managers and teams.”

Leslie Santiago-Powell
Talent Manager, Sony


In today’s busy world, team members and leaders are tired, burned out, and disengaged. Employees are being asked to do more with less which can negatively impact productivity, performance and the bottom line.
Are you experiencing any of these​ drainers?​​
  • Team Conflicts
  • Poor Communication
  • Rapid or ongoing change
  • Energy-draining meetings
  • High turnover or absenteeism
  • Layoffs, downsizing or restructuring
  • Changing leadership or management
  • Increased levels of stress
  • Negative energy within your culture
  • Declining employee morale or engagement
  • Not leveraging employee strengths
  • Losing key talent
  • Working in silos
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“If a manager primarily focuses on an employee’s weaknesses, the likelihood that employee will be actively disengaged is 22%.”
– Gallup

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Whether we are consulting, coaching or facilitating we “connect the dots. We integrate the latest science from the fields of positive psychology, wellness and strengths.
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