Are You An E+ or E-?

E+ = You are adding energy to your team/organization

E- = You are detracting energy from your team/organization

Note: it’s impossible to be an E+ and an E- at the same time! It’s always your choice how you “show up.”

We believe there are many ways to engage, retain, and improve employee performance. It begins at the top as leadership sets the tone and pace of the organization.

Each employee is an E+ or E-, including the executive team! When a company has too many E-‘s it creates an E-, drained, stressed, and negative organization. Conversely, when there are more E+’s it then creates an E+ energized, productive, and positive organization.

Organizational Energy Diagram

We teach people to recognize how their energy “shows up” at work — and how to change it. The collective E+ or E- is what creates the culture of an organization.

So… is your organization an E+ or an E-?