Team Booster Track

This track recharges teams by focusing on team-related issues: optimizing the effectiveness of intact teams and helping team members appreciate and better leverage each other’s strengths at work.

These are the recommended components:


Energy Starter Kit Team Energy Program Team Energy Advanced Strengths Foundations Strengths Advanced Overcoming Meeting Madness Empowered Administrative Professional Program Follow Up Programs

We can also help you customize a learning track to meet the needs of your team, department, or organization.
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We use a variety of tools to gain a better understanding of your workplace culture, to optimize training time, and to ensure our approach fits your group or organizational needs. Some of our assessments include an individual Energy Inventory, interviews with team members, the Strengthscope (with optional 360 component) the Energize10 Engagement Survey, the Team Energy Quiz, and the Strengthscope Team Report
The “3-A Sustainable Change Model” — Awareness, Accountability and purposeful Action — is the framework for all of our programs, and the “Starter Kit” program teaches participants how to implement these steps in order to sustain any positive changes they wish to make within their team or organization. Our research also shows that success in today’s rapidly-changing marketplace requires employees to be more “connected,” “human,” and “meaningful” at work, and participants will learn how to shift their mindset to adopt this perspective during this session.
What makes a great team? Our research and experience shows that trust, respect, and good communication are critical to successful performing teams. Everyone on the team may not always see eye-to-eye, but still have to work together — and can learn to appreciate the value of different styles and perspectives. By applying the 3-A sustainable change model and identifying the strengths of the team using the Strengthscope™ assessment tool, team members will uncover how to work more effectively together. The Team Energy Quiz will help them see how their individual energy impacts relationships, productivity, and overall team results. During the session, participants will work on a team-related business goal and develop action steps to implement. They will also form accountability teams to encourage and sustain purposeful action
This session builds on the Team Energy Foundations course and focuses on team interaction and impact. Participants will discover the energy drainers preventing the team from performing at its best, most energized, and innovative. Participants learn through the Strengthscope™ 360 assessment tool how they are currently using their strengths from the team’s perspective and how to understand and utilize peer strengths. During the program, we review the Strengthscope™ Team Report, which shows the team’s clear strengths, and learn how best to leverage them. Participants continue to work in their accountability teams to refine action steps that support the sustainable team action plans that are aligned with team goals and fiscal organizational objectives.
This foundational strengths session delivers the crucial information needed to tap into individual strengths at work. Before the session, each participant will take the Strengthscope™ assessment tool to uncover their innate strengths and “energizers.” During the program, participants will learn specifically how to put these strengths into action on the job, helping them reengage with greater passion in their role and creating a more productive and collaborative work environment.
This advanced strengths session builds on what participants learned in Strengths Foundations to integrate a strong “strengths approach” into the teams they work with regularly. Each participant is invited to receive 360 degree feedback on how effectively they’re utilizing their strengths at work, as well as learn how to manage potential “performance risks,” including strengths in overdrive and energy drainers. During the program, participants discover how to tap into the strengths of their peers and how to form complementary partnerships in order to accelerate productivity across business units.

The number one time waster in business today is… unproductive meetings. Change your meeting culture to one of productivity and energy! Learn how to overcome meeting madness.

How often have you been asked to attend a meeting and you had no idea the purpose of it? How often have you called a meeting without an agenda or defined clear objectives about what you want to accomplish? The reality is that most of us have experienced both sides of this proverbial coin and in fact, it has become the norm rather than the exception.

This 3-4 hour program focuses on how to conduct a productive and energized meeting. Participants discover the proper conditions for value-added meetings. We share a template for sending effective meeting invitations and easy to implement guidelines for leading a productive meeting. During this time, participants have practice opportunities to ensure meetings are effective and valuable.

Outcomes-you will learn:

  • 5 common mistakes of poorly managed meetings

  • What not to do during a meeting

  • Questions to ask before accepting a meeting invitation

  • How to create a powerful meeting agenda

  • Practical communication tools that foster better meetings

  • How your energy level impacts the outcome of a meeting

  • Necessary guidelines for a productive meeting

In this session, we apply our 3-A (Awareness, Accountability and Action) sustainable change model to turn meetings that waste time or poorly managed meetings around. Participants leave with specific actions to implement immediately to overcome meeting madness.

Along with the learning track focused to meet your needs, we provide customized follow-up sessions that are designed to increase retention of information and sustained behavior change. Each track contains rigorous follow-through. Our 21-Day Energy Challenge™, built-in accountability partnerships and teams, ongoing coaching, and “Energy Kits™” delivered each quarter, are filled with practical tools to help reinforce the behavior changes your team will be making. When participants become aware, accountable, and committed to taking purposeful action the energy in your organization will shift.