What Sony™ Participants Are Saying About The Energy Equation™ Program

  • “The Energy Equation™ was incredibly valuable in actually denoting where I was high and low with the percentages [from the Energy Inventory assessment].”
  • “The section on energy drainers was emotionally very powerful and timely. The content really resonated with me.”
  • “Reviewing our Strengthscope™ report and understanding how our different strengths affect the broader team was very helpful.”
  • “I was energized by the entire program!”
  • “The meditation moments were very valuable.”
  • “It was fun to be able to look at where our strengths are in overdrive and be able to acknowledge and even laugh at ourselves!”
  • “I can now see my strengths in action at work. It was beneficial to let go of spending too much energy on areas I may never excel at.”
  • “The Energy Equation™ makes it easier to understand the shifts in emotion and motivation so I can plan and proceed accordingly.”
  • “Recognizing that others have different strengths was insightful.”


What People Are Saying About The Energy Catalysts

“Michelle is one of the most creative thinkers I’ve ever collaborated with. When presented with business challenges, she is able to help her clients understand their core issues and then implement out of the box solutions that not only address the root of the problem, they have immediate and long term impacts to their bottom line results.”

— Christine Didonato, Director, Talent and Organizational Development, Sony Electronics

“Josh has tremendous passion in his quest to identify the root causes of change in our world. More importantly however, Josh has identified, and is able to clearly illustrate, a key game-changing concept that allows individuals to obtain competitive advantages in the dynamic world in which we live. If you feel stagnant in your career or, worse, fearful of how changes in our society could lead to your displacement, I recommend connecting with Josh.”

— Anthony Markovich, Management Consultant, Accenture

“Michelle brought a dysfunctional team together to work as a unit, benefiting both the assistants and the teams they supported. She was very professional, yet at the same time was warm and friendly to everyone, making each experience with her enjoyable and memorable. She works equally well with management.”

— Judy Yarnell, ProCurve Network, Hewlett Packard

“I found Josh’s presentation very interesting, dynamic and thought-provoking. He presented original ideas and engaged the participants in a way that made the session very interactive and enjoyable. By using technology very efficiently, Josh was able to create a learning environment that created awareness and inspired people to take action.”

— Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCC, President, International Coach Federation

“Your efforts not only benefited the trainees, but also the people they support. As a result of this training we are establishing working partnerships that leverage the key players in our organization. I believe that Cobra Golf is a better company because of these efforts.”

— David A. Schaefer, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Cobra Golf, Inc.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in our Annual Secretaries Week lunchtime forums. Your keynote speech on Friday capped off a week of exciting programs for the secretaries of The Walt Disney Company.”

— Tina Barry, Supervisor, Employee Development, The Walt Disney Company

“Your enthusiasm for what you do and the professionalism you bring to the job is unequalled. We know that people’s behaviors are — to some degree — created by how they think of themselves. This shift in thinking has already produced some major changes and I am confident those positive changes will continue over time.”

— Charlotte Pizzo, Training & Development, Guidant Corp.

Your session provided not only the challenge for each of us to “step out of our box,” but gave us the tools to help us do just that. Our team left the session with renewed enthusiasm, and the skills taught that afternoon are being used daily.”

— Patricia A. Gallagher, Administrative Secretary, Office of John C. Onoda, Vice President-Worldwide Communications, General Motors Corp.

“We’ve seen many success factors including an overall increase in morale, motivation and commitment to results.”

— Teresa Ortiz, Performance Development & Training Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP