In today’s marketplace many executives and professionals are tired, burned out, and disengaged. Employees are constantly being asked to do more with less, impacting productivity, performance and bottom line.

Does your organization need a boost because of…

Constant crisis? Rapid or ongoing change?
Energy-draining meetings? High turnover? Absenteeism?
Layoffs/downsizing/restructuring? Lack of innovation?
Changing leadership? Losing your competitive edge?
Declining employee morale? Not optimizing workforce strengths?
Losing key talent? Low employee engagement?

Our strategic consulting and custom training solutions build and sustain a more engaged, innovative, and energized workforce. Employees who are more accountable, leveraging their strengths, and laser-focused on business results ultimately create a culture of high performance and greater well-being.

“When organizations engage their customers and their employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes.”The Business Impact of Human Emotions, Gallup Business Journal, November 2012)

The way we consult and train allows participants to practice and integrate new behaviors. Through our in-depth research combined with years of direct experience working with teams and organizations at all levels, we’ve uncovered the common factors that make learning successful and sustainable:

  • A competency + strengths-based approach

  • Bite-sized learning opportunities (4-hour learning tracks and “just-in-time” application)

  • Practical application through behavioral based activities, games, self-reflection, workplace simulations, and experiential modalities

  • Incorporation of real-life business challenges

  • Fun activities for increased engagement and learning

  • Accountability teams to ensure implementation of action plans

  • 21-Day Energy Challenge™ (online follow-up)

Clients continually integrate what they’re learning, so by the end of our working engagement they are committed and accountable to applying new changes for long-term success.

We help participants incorporate productive and easy-to-implement energizing habits directly into the way work gets done on a daily basis – so you start seeing real business results immediately.

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