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Over 20 years of optimizing individual and team performance

Facilitating positive and sustainable change

ECG collaborates with clients to create energized teams and cultures of high performance and greater well-being. Our clients learn how to leverage individual and team strengths, re-engage, shift negative mindsets and change unproductive behaviors that get in the way of being in the “zone.”

We’ve learned and seen, first-hand, that when leaders and teams are more aware, accountable, and purposefully driven, they find more joy in their work, while achieving desired results.

Tapping into positive energy, engaging individual strengths and promoting healthy team dynamics is what we do best. And, what truly matters.

As a result of our consulting, training or coaching, clients are re-engaged, focused and excited to apply what they learned on the job. We are proud of our track record of delivering positive and lasting change. 

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Our methodical approach

Our customized, interactive methodology is designed to illuminate the root causes of people challenges, conflicts, and negative energy. ECG recognizes that people are diverse; come from different perspectives, opinions, cultures, and generations making it more difficult for managers to lead effectively and positively leverage team performance.

Consulting & Coaching

We begin in collaboration. We listen to your concerns, challenges and identify the results you ideally want to achieve. Our process is easy yet robust.  We see things that others miss, allowing us to uncover the root cause(s) of what’s working and not working. We are then able to develop a strategic solution that directly addresses your needs.

Our methodology includes utilizing a myriad of assessments, activities, tools, training and techniques to ensure you are satisfied by the results.

We care about creating practical and achievable action plans so you can be successful in making the changes you want.

Team Programs

We understand that learning transfer is one of the greatest and most important challenges facing HR, L&D, Management and Individuals. Our programs are created for lasting behavioral changes and shifting mindsets to achieve sustainable outcomes. We optimize individual, team and organizational energy using our Energy Impact Model and Strengthscope, an assessment tool that identify your energizing strengths.

The programs are built into bite-sized 3-6 hour sessions so that they are digestible, easy to apply and include a follow-up. We can also customize a program that meet your specific business needs.

Our people-focused training programs are designed to be engaging, experiential, practical and easy to implement. We utilize a variety of tools, games (Personalogy), and activities that make learning fun.

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