Joy Cards

Joy is Contagious. The more joy we experience, the more joy-filled we feel.

Our mission:
to spread joy!

We’ve learned being joy-filled is an inside job. When you are joyful at your core it radiates out. Our passion is to help you find, maintain and live a more joy-filled life. This is the creative force behind our Joy Cards.

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Why Joy Cards?

Rediscover life’s simple pleasures. Get your Joy back! Create a daily joy practice. The joy activities act as a catalyst to notice the “joy gems” or what we call the ‘good stuff’ you might otherwise miss through busyness, overwhelm or exhaustion.                                                                        Many activities have been tried and tested personally and professionally with thousands of participants during Michelle’s coaching and training sessions. They have proven to be hugely successful. 

Each card has a unique focus like to help increase self-care, rekindle romance, release the artist within and develop curiosity.  In addition, each card comes with wellness benefits that you can learn from the guidebook.

Reduces Stress

Prevents Burnout

Shifts Your Mood

Sparks Laugh-Out-Loud Fun

Spreads Joy to Others

Adds Spontaneity into Your Life

About the Creators

Michelle Burke & Lilamani Di Silva

We created these cards during the beginning of the pandemic. Michelle recovering from COVID19 and Lilamani caring for her elderly parents. After being in lockdown and facing our new normal, we realized this wasn’t going away anytime soon. Everyone was stressed, anxious and fearful about this new reality.  We decided to focus on something positive and find a way to help others too. We leaned into what we’ve learned over the years.     

Like so many others, we’ve had our fair share of loss, failure, and being stuck in a rut. Despite these difficult circumstances and challenges in our own lives, we discovered how to find joy in unexpected ways. These joy-filled moments have energized and helped us become more resilient to cope with life’s ongoing demands. And so, we  purposefully continue to look for joy-gems (life’s simple pleasures) and engage in activities daily that make us feel better. We realized that maintaining joy is a practice, and when done on a regular basis makes a powerful difference in our mood, our relationships and our lives.                                                                        

May our Joy Cards encourage and inspire you to find joy and live a more  joy-filled life. Because you deserve it! Our hope is that you will help us spread joy to as many people as possible. What do you say? 


Michelle & Lilamani 

Joy Retreat - COMING SOON

Rediscover what makes you happy and fulfilled

Who is in need of releasing stress, busyness, a negative mindset or the feeling  of overwhelm? Who would like to bring in more abundance, peace, inspiration or joy? 

Our JOY retreats are all about fun, relaxation, and self-care.

We believe you deserve timeout just for you with a sprinkling of indulgence and pampering, set in a luxurious 4-star resort. Don’t you agree?

Focus on yourself to find, reset, reignite and experience more joy in your life. We will show you how to access more joy – by engaging in a variety of fun, relaxing and pampering activities to build your internal “joy muscle.” These small lifestyle pauses are the secret recipe to being more joy-filled and lead to bigger rewards including less stress, healthier self-care habits and sustained joy. 


Joy Retreaters will be gifted a copy of the acclaimed self-care book 15 Minute Pause, A Radical Reboot for Busy People, and a set of our Joy Cards.

Did you know that over 75 percent of Americans experience some sort of physical symptoms related to stress in any given month, and 73 percent experience psychological or mental symptoms? Pause and think about it. Most of us are experiencing stress at such a high level that it is having a negative effect on our health and relationships. We all need time to reset, rebalance and re-energize.

You'll learn powerful techniques that show you how to:

Take dedicated “me time”

Design how you want your life to be.

Build self awareness

To increase more joyful moments.

Understand how your decision making..

...Can lead to living your best life.


The sabotaging Meddler and how to manage it.

Pay Attention to

The empowering Player who encourages you to see the joy

Let's Spread Joy!

You will leave this retreat re-energized, revitalized and remotivated…Consider this dedicated time, to explore where you are now, where you want to be and how to live life with more joy. This retreat is for those who are ready to make a small change and a big difference to their daily happiness and well-being.

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