Founder & CEO

Michelle Burke

Michelle Burke is an Award- Winning Author and a highly respected and sought-after burnout and leadership coach, facilitator and speaker. As founder and president of Energy Catalyst Group, a consulting, coaching and training company for well-being, she has devoted her 20+year career to working with leaders, individuals, teams and managers to become more mindful and energized.  Throughout her career, she has gained a deep appreciation and perspective of working with people and cultures from all walks of life. Michelle has coached and trained thousands of participants to make positive change – bridging communication gaps that get in the way of a thriving workplace and joy-filled life.  Further, she has helped clients recognize and take purposeful action to lower stress and prevent burnout.  Her work consistently results with increased work-life balance, positive well-being, higher productivity, and re-energized people.  

Burke’s deep experience and knowledge coaching leaders and consulting with start-ups, universities, government and Fortune 500 companies established her as a leading expert in motivating individuals and teams to be fully engaged, energized and effective. Clients include Microsoft, Genentech, Snap Inc, Stanford University, Receptos, Dexcom, Cisco, HP, Disney and Sony PlayStation. She continues to garner rave reviews about her coaching and training programs and how they positively impact relationships, productivity and the bottom-line.

Michelle’s latest award-winning self-care motivational deck of Joy Cards and her mindfulness book, 15 Minute Pause: A Radical Reboot for Busy People provides simple and effective ways to slow down, reduce stress, avoid burnout and live with more purpose and joy. 

Michelle’s superpower is her unique ability to determine the root cause of what’s not working, through her keen observation of individual, team and leadership behavior, allowing her to quickly assess issues and provide sustainable, actionable solutions that increase trust, productivity, morale and engagement.

She has developed hundreds of workshops, team training and leadership programs based on her 3-A Model: Awareness, Accountability and Action and her Energy Impact Model, which continually garner rave reviews from clients. Michelle is a certified ICF coach and Master Strengthscope Facilitator and uses the Strengthscope Assessment to identify energizing strengths for individuals and teams. As a coach, she works with executives, senior managers and individuals who want to be more effective and adapt a mindfulness approach to their leadership capabilities. She has achieved great success especially in empowering women into leadership roles. Her coaching consistently results in greater awareness of their impact on productivity, performance and their teams and personal relationships enabling them to lead more positively and effectively.

Michelle has also coached and trained participants on developing practical and doable strategies for shifting unproductive mindsets and behaviors by improving communication, accountability, morale, and performance. This has led to a thriving, energized workplace.  Other clients include: Visa, San Diego University, Ernst & Young, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Lanza Haircare, Synopsis, E*Trade, Cobra Golf, The Ojai Foundation, Teradata, HTC, Ericsson Wireless, SpineZone, and Sony Electronics.

Michelle has been featured in Business Week Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Authority Magazine and Star Ledger. She was a regular contributor for Great Work Cultures on the Huffington Post, and her articles have appeared in Training, HR, Just Breathe and Chief Learning Officer magazines. Michelle is also a member of Harvard Business Review’s Advisory Council and completed UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC) Intensive program.

Her highly acclaimed book, The Valuable Office Professional was endorsed by Ken Blanchard and the foundation of her EA training programs. She also co-developed The Productivity Cycle™, a communication tool proven to enhance teamwork and increase productivity, endorsed by Stanford University.

Michelle is an articulate motivational speaker whose humor, wit and enthusiasm motivates and inspires her audience. Her speaking engagements include: AMA, IAAP, Microsoft, Disney, General Motors, YPO and other business events. She has trained and coached over 50,000 staff employees and is constantly looking for ways to improve organizational communication, morale and productivity.

Admired for her positive spirit, keen eye, creativity and warmth…Michelle is energized by fun adventures with friends and family, traveling, cooking and sports. She practices her 15 Minute Pause by walking her dog, Jadie, swimming, pickleball, mindfulness and meditation.

Michelle Burke, CEO