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In today’s new reality, we are all dealing with constant stress — whether it’s from conflict at home,  traffic-jammed daily commute, holidays with family, or an unrealistic workload. The science is clear: remaining in a prolonged state of stress causes long-term damage to your health and undermines your ability to make rational, informed decisions. It can also have real negative physical effects on the body. In fact, stress has been linked to a wide range of health issues, including sleep disorders, mood, stomach problems, and heart disease. 

At ECG, we develop well-researched, highly effective personal development and coaching programs that help you regain what easily gets lost as stress increases. Both JumpStart Self-care and ReENERGIZE Your Life are based on the award-winning self-care book, 15 Minute Pause: A Radical Reboot for Busy People.  These well-being courses are designed to address burnout, lower stress, and life imbalance. Choose which solution fits your needs. Are you ready to get relief from the daily stressors? Start today!

JumpStart Self-care: Are You Feeling Burned Out?

A course for those who are stressed, struggling to find time for themselves, or on the road to burnout.

JumpStart offers an opportunity to learn, grow and practice simple techniques with the support of others.  Discover how to create more calm, clarity and simplicity with easy-to-implement tips, tools and healthy coping strategies. Find out what self-care practices nurture and renew you so that you feel more connected and fulfilled.

Learn how to create a personalized self-care toolkit that boosts resilience, prevents burnout and helps you de-stress.

ReENERGIZE Your Life, A Well-being Program: Do You Need to Recharge?

A course for busy women who are juggling priorities, care-givers who are drained and moms who need a time out.  

The ReENERGIZE Your Life Experience is a Wellbeing online program to explore ways to boost your energy and lower stress. This self-care program provides practical tools, tips and solutions to re-ENERGIZE. Find out what’s draining your energy and getting in the way of living your most joy-filled and energized life. 

Learn how to get off the stress treadmill and make valuable changes in simple and doable steps. 

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