JumpStart Self-care

For women who want to find simple yet effective solutions to de-stress, prevent burnout, and build resilience. 

JumpStart Self-care is a self-paced online program that you can complete at your convenience, in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Multiple formats, starting at only $39

ReENERGIZE Your Life -
A Well-being Program

For women running on empty to re-engage, recharge and restore your precious energy in simple easy steps.

Learn practical tools, tips and solutions you can implement long after the course is completed.

$79- Discounted for limited time to $39

Joy Cards

Are you ready to bring spontaneity and joy back into your life? Rediscover your inner happiness with Joy Cards. Authors, Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva, created 48 fun activity cards with original paintings by de Silva.  Experience more joy daily. Included is a fun, fact-filled guidebook with wellness benefits for every activity to help you relieve stress so you can find and appreciate the joy gems that surround you daily.

15 Minute Pause: A Radical Reboot for Busy People

By Michelle Burke and Lilamani De Silva

15 Minute Pause is an inspirational playbook for those who want to destress, reclaim time to relax, re-energize, and reassess priorities. Provides 100 fun, creative and simple ways to take time for yourself.  You deserve it!


Personalogy Party Game
An Absurdly Provocative Game for Thinking People

The Party Game Where You Try to Answer Trivia Questions About Your Friends or Family - it's laugh-out-loud fun - Entertaining questions covering lifestyle, pop culture, and more.

Perfect for travel, happy hour, dinner party, bbq, game night, date night, holiday party - a social connector. makes a great gift!

Amazon's Top 100 games 2015 &
Amazon's choice 2018-2021.

Personalogy Family Fun Game
The laugh out-loud discovery game for the whole family

A card game that connects the whole family talking, laughing and having fun.

A "LOL" storytelling game that reveals kids do say the darndest things! Perfect game for road-trips, meal time, visiting grandparents, birthday, Summer bbq, holiday party or family reunion.

National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA, for 2017), Game of the Year (Creative Child Magazine, 2017) & Family Product Review (Gold Award).