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“Michelle brought a dysfunctional team together to work as a unit, benefiting both the assistants and the teams they supported. She was very professional, yet at the same time was warm and friendly to everyone, making each experience with her enjoyable and memorable. She works equally well with management.”
Judy Yarnell
ProCurve Network
“Your efforts not only benefited the trainees, but also the people they support. As a result of this training we are establishing working partnerships that leverage the key players in our organization. I believe that Cobra Golf is a better company because of these efforts.”
David A. Schaefer
S.V.P. & C.O.O.
“Your session provided not only the challenge for each of us to “step out of our box,” but gave us the tools to help us do just that. Our team left the session with renewed enthusiasm, and the skills taught that afternoon are being used daily.”
Patricia A. Gallagher
Office of John C. Onoda, V.P.
“We’ve seen many success factors including an overall increase in morale, motivation and commitment to results.”
Teresa Ortiz
Performance Development & Training Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in our Annual Secretaries Week lunchtime forums. Your keynote speech on Friday capped off a week of exciting programs for the secretaries of The Walt Disney Company.”
Tina Barry
Supervisor, Employee Development
“Michelle is a hands on trainer, she works well with each group that she works with, she’s very professional and is very knowledgeable on the subject in which is is presenting. Because we were pleased with her work we continued to hire her to do continuous training.”​
Esti Hall
Stanford University
“ Michelle is the real deal! Michelle has a unique ability to quickly get to the root cause of performance issues and then identify small behavioral shifts that move people and teams in the right direction.”
Christine DiDonato
Career Revolution Inc
"Michelle Burke asks the hard questions, getting to the essence of what you want to do. I started working with Michelle when I had moved into a new leadership role. She helped identify specific leadership skills and resources that supported my leadership development."
Carmina Osuna
Coaching client

Positive results from training participants

The Energy Equation™ makes it easier to understand the shifts in my energy and motivation so I can plan and proceed accordingly
It was fun to be able to look at where our strengths are in overdrive and be able to acknowledge and even laugh at ourselves as a team!
The Managing Performance program was interesting, it helped me to see the areas where we were unexpectedly different, which helped us not just understand each other better, but also understand ourselves. I used their assessment to help tailor my conversations better – basically to better understand their motivations, which was sometimes puzzling to me. It was great having more time for reflection and development to learn new ways to manage these conversations.
I used the skills from the first session to have performance conversations during Mid Year review discussions. I can also see it helping in “problem areas” to come from a new more positive angle. And, to find new ways we can work better together now we know this information.
Understanding that we all have an energy impact is really helpful and made me aware of how I show up, and also my coworkers - really valuable!
The Team Energy Program helped me recognize that others on my team have different strengths and that was very insightful.
The Energy Equation™ was incredibly valuable in actually denoting where I was high and low with the percentages [from the Energy Inventory assessment].
I can now see my strengths in action at work because of The Team Energy™Program. It was beneficial to let go of spending too much energy on areas I may never excel at.
The mindful meditation moments were very valuable.
I was energized by the entire Team Energy program!
Reviewing our Strength report and understanding how our different strengths affect the broader team was very helpful.
The section on energy drainers was very powerful and timely. The content really resonated with me.
"A short time commitment, yet, the simple tools provide long-term positive impact. Highly recommend for positive boosts during stressful period's in one's life."
"This course truly opened my eyes to the importance of self-care in my life. Often times, my own self-care was the last item on my list and now it's a true priority. I find that the activities and focus created in this course truly has made more more aware of how I can be better for me, my family and friends, and other people I interact with."
"Michelle and Bettina are warm, kind and absolutely inspirational in encouraging people to focus on Play/work rather than work/work. It is a great reminder that we need to inject more play into our lives. Thank you!"
"What you take away from this is invaluable. It is eye-opening, rejuvenating, sometimes a bit uncomfortable - which is the point, and fun. A refreshing way to meet and connect with others you would not otherwise encounter."
"Michelle Burke asks the hard questions, getting to the essence of what you want to do. I started working with Michelle when I had moved into a new leadership role. She helped identify specific leadership skills and resources that supported my leadership development."
“This workshop offered me time to reflect, rethink, and reward myself with tools to elevate my life!”
Bryan Feld
Graphic Artist
“Elevate Your Life accomplishes what it sets out to do — provides strategies for a much-needed recharge.”
Beth Cone Kramer
“I loved the ReENERGIZE Your Life program! For me, it was transformative and I discovered new ways to relax and take a break from my daily routine. I’m grateful to have participated in this wonderful program.”
Lisa Lovullo
“I can’t stop thinking about the things I’ve learned and applying them since taking the ReENERGIZE Your Life program! Taking 15 minutes a day to do something for myself has been crucial to my well-being. I’ve also learned to identify the “meddlers” in my life and mind, quiet the noise and activate the “player”….skills I didn’t have before this workshop. I feel completely re-energized!”
Poppy Buscemi
Mom & Entrepreneur
“ReENERGIZE Your Life…a well-being workshop provided me with a new energy and outlook personally and professionally. It gave me great tools and tips on how to positively respond to situations in both arenas of life! I cannot wait to attend the next one!”
Cynthia Sparagna
Estate Agent
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